What to Expect During and After a Visit

What to Expect During and After a Visit

You can expect to be listened to and have your concerns discussed and the therapies we'll use explained. It's your body, after all, and you deserve it. You can expect quality time and care.

My experience has found that musculoskeletal conditions respond better when you assess and treat people head to toe. We'll perform appropriate myofascial therapy to minimize the adhesions and knots that invariably come with time, activity and stress, after which we'll correct whatever skeletal misalignments present themselves, also head to toe. My and my patients experience finds better response and longer lasting benefits, usually with fewer visits, this way.

You can expect se use musculoskeletal care we use tailored to you and your unique needs. You can expect this care to improve nervous system, and to a degree, acupuncture meridian system, function. Endorphins, endocannabiniods, allied compounds and their benefits are enhanced. Expect better function of your organs, glands -- all of you. You may enjoy better digestion, respiratory and cardiac function. You may feel more relaxed and just 'better' overall.

You can expect excess inflammation and wear and tear on your body -- joints, bones and soft tissues -- to minimize. And all the health benefits reduced inflammation gives. You can expect your immune system to work better. Chiropractic care boosts aspects of immune response.

You may notice improvements in vision, hearing, olfaction, taste, reflexes, skin sensation, balance, cognitive function, strength, energy, stamina, and more. Of course, you should notice reductions in pain, better ease of movement, improved mobility (often related as feeling 'looser'), less stiffness, improved circulation, fewer headaches, and more. Your lymphatic system will work better.

If acupuncture point stimulation is also done, you'll likely notice the above results and possibly more. Using these together generally enhances the benefits of both.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent also enhances the benefits of musculoskeletal care. It can reduce pain, inflammation, swelling, scar tissue. adhesions, accelerate healing, improve nervous system and other bodily function.

You can expect discussion of natural agents including foods, herbs, and homeopathic compounds that can help support your health, healing, immune function and detoxification processes. Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) can indicate individual biocompatibility of these things. MSA appointments are scheduled separately.

You can expect us to discuss things you can do to help yourself.

You can expect getting used to enjoying improved feelings of overall health and well-being -- and I doubt you'll be disappointed!