Insurance Information

Insurance Information

Please note we do not bill insurance but fill out patient provided insurance forms for their submittal. Payment is at time of service.

I don't take insurance or accept assignment, and am not a member or participating provider with any insurance company. It's up to the individual to determine how this may affect reimbursement for services prior to seeking care. I fill out your provided insurance forms for submission or provide an itemized statement. Some insurance companies have their own forms. If so, I'll need theirs. This policy applies at both office locations.

Insurance companies tend to have policies that make it difficult to offer people the best care I can. For example, I perform myofascial therapy prior to adjusting. Many insurance companies consider this a duplication of services if done on the same day to the same body region, even though the myofascial system and the skeletal system are two separate systems and outcomes are usually better when both are performed during the same visit.

Some insurance companies call some chiropractic techniques 'experimental' even though their effectiveness is documented and they've been covered in the past. Experimental services generally aren't covered. The type of equipment one uses when performing a therapy modality may not be approved by a particular insurance company either, even though it's FDA approved.

Coverage for services can change without notice. And just because a service is covered doesn't mean it will be reimbursed. Reimbursement rates can also change without notice. Participating providers or those who accept assignment have no protection from this.

Insurance doesn't cover Meridian Stress Assessment.