Worthington, OH & Cornwall, NY Migraine Treatment

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), headache-type issues are one of the most common nervous system disorders across the world—and they've acquired this status even though WHO has also reported that they are "underestimated, under-recognized and under-treated."

Cooke Chiropractic Center is a functional medicine practice serving Worthington, OH & Cornwall, NY that has many years of experience helping people find natural solutions to migraine pain.

Although some health professionals simply prescribe pain medication to provide migraine sufferers' relief, this remedy only masks the symptoms. Additionally, these types of medications can be very addictive with research provided by the National Institute on Drug Abuse indicating that more and more people who take pain killers are graduating to higher potency, more dangerous drugs like heroin.

Fortunately, functional medicine may offer a different migraine treatment approach entirely, and it is one that doesn't put you at risk of developing further complications or issues. This is because it involves all-natural remedies designed to help your body heal itself.

For instance, research has found that both vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and magnesium are capable of reducing headache frequency. Therefore, finding relief may be as simple as taking a supplement or eating foods rich in these minerals to get more of them in your body.

You don't have to suffer from migraine pain. Cooke Chiropractic Center serves Worthington, OH & Cornwall, NY to help you get relief. Give us a call today at (845) 500-1410 for an appointment.


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