Toxic Earth - Some Important Resources

Earth has never suffered more pollution

Statistics on the amounts of pesticides, toxic chemicals, technology related electromagnetic radiation and radiation emitted from nuclear accidents can be overwhelming. Government reports have stated 'babies are born pre-polluted'. It's unlikely that anyone in America, or the world, doesn't have scores of toxic chemicals permeating their bodies. Cancer rates are higher than ever, over 50 years after President Nixon announced a 'War on Cancer'. Our country still has over 1300 Superfund cleanup sites awaiting remediation. These are the worst of the worst toxic waste sites. There's over 40,000 toxic waste sites in the United States. Food additives with known hazardous properties are still in too many of our foods. Genetic modification of crops has far too many unanswered questions, and many of the known facts are disconcerting.

Given these facts, how can one expect to maintain optimal -- or even passable -- health without daily attention to what they put in their bodies? And its quality -- be it foods, liquids, nutritional supplements, medicinal plants, or anything else?

Knowledge offers the power to change, to protect yourself and family -- hopefully everyone. The publications and websites below have important information about the toxins in our environment and in us.

The 2009-2010 President's Cancer Panel Report 'Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk -- What We Can Do Now' is a gold mine of information on environmental carcinogens and how to avoid or minimize your exposure. It got precious little media attention when it was released. It's at: This 140+ page report has a 20 page summary. Scroll down to reports to download the one released for 2009-2010. is a great site with data on environmental issues including toxic waste/superfund sites, air quality, neighborhood info and a lot more. Enter your zip code for local information. 'Environmental Hazards' will link to the Superfund sites in your area. I was so impressed with the PCPs 2009-2010 Report I made a 22 page slide presentation of it.

I wrote a series of articles for the Hudson Valley's 'Healthy You' magazine (no longer in print) from 2015 - 2017. As time allows, and I figure out how to do it, they'll be available here.