Treatments & Therapies

My Treatment Approach and Therapies in Detail

I Integrate natural and traditional/medical health care.

Experience has shown me the importance of optimizing the function of our bodies dual bioelectric control systems -- the acupuncture system and the nervous system. I put the meridian system first because it evolved first. These systems work together, influence each other, overlap physically and are equally important in keeping our bodies working in synchrony. The nervous system is akin to an AC digital electric system. The meridian system is a DC analog system. They influence every cell in our bodies -- both ours and our many microbiomes. Which is why I start my protocol with:

Full body musculoskeletal care -- integrating myofascial, chiropractic, cranial, and extremity care -- improves nervous system function. It balances sympathetic and parasympathetic function, reducing stress levels; improves lymphatic flow, helps balance the acupuncture meridian system, improves overall health and feelings of well-being, helps improve organ function, and much more.

My adjusting techniques include: Diversified, Thompson, Pelvic Blocking, Instrument Assisted, CranioSacral and BioCranial Therapies.

Musculoskeletal care is effective for a wide range of injury and pain syndromes. Many pain syndromes nave their basis in musculoskeletal issues. It can improve athletic performance, feelings of well-being, and much more.

People who use chiropractic tend to use fewer medications than those who don't, relate better feelings of physical and mental well being and tend to spend less on overall health care.

Acupuncture point stimulation balances the flow of energy through the acupuncture meridian system. I've studied Ayurvedic and Asian acupuncture theory, using microcurrent, LEDs and teishin to stimulate body, auricular and Koryo Sooji Chim hand points. I use Source Point Evaluation, akin to Ryodoraku, to determine meridian imbalances.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent uses two different electrical frequencies simultaneously. One is tissue specific and one is condition specific. Some frequencies (inflammation, various pain, increase secretion among them) have been verified. The others are supported by decades of clinical results. FSM has been shown to speed healing time by over 50 percent in some cases. Tyrell Owens is a well known example. It's used by many professional and Olympic athletes. It facilitates musculoskeletal care and rehab, helps nervous system function and much more. I don't know of a profession that doesn't use it.

Meridian Stress Assessment uses skin conductance biofeedback to help determine foods and allergens that can stress the body. Meridian points are checked to see how things affect them. Compatibility of foods, nutritionals, herbs, homeopathics and more can be assessed. Studies show it's a reliable method for testing environmental sensitivities. Initial sessions take about 90 minutes. Things that change skin conductance values to standard normal ranges tend to show positive effects on health.

Dr. Reinhold Voll, its pioneer, was awarded by a medal by Pope John in the 1960's for its benefit to humanity. West Germany awarded him a medal in the 1970's for similar reasons.

Nutrition and supplements: No therapy works as well in a malnourished,or nutrient deficient body. Or one with a heavy load of environmental toxins which can be stored in fatty and other tissue and released slowly over time. We need a steady supply of minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, protein, good carbohydrates and other nutrients for our bodies to safely and effectively process toxic substances and to build healthy cells. Farming methods over the decades have polluted soil with pesticides and weakened their microbiomes. How can this not affect the quality of what these soils grow?

An ancient Ayurvedic saying is 'If diet is good, medicine isn't necessary. If diet is poor, medicine won't do much. Hippocrates said, 'Let food be your medicine'.

Medicinal plants have a huge range of beneficial compounds. Many have been shown to improve overall health, lessen the effects of stress, assist immune function, help create new tissues, protect tissues from the effects of toxic compounds, facilitating breakdown and removal of these compounds, and far more. Many Ayurvedic and Asian herbs have been used for 5000 years. Pharmacologic, clinical and other research continues to prove the benefits of these time-tested plants, and discover even more.

Homeopathic supplements have many uses, including assisting and supporting detoxification, cellular and immune function. They can also assist in desensitization.

Digestive health and the gut microbiome are intimately connected to diet, nutrition and musculoskeletal care. Our microbiomes affect physical, mental and emotional health. The vagus nerve powerfully affects digestive function, which affects the microbiome. Misalignments in the upper neck adversely affect vagus nerve function. Chiropractic care helps optimize skeletal alignment. Our various microbiomes -- especially our digestive -- are far more complex and influential than previously known.

This integrated approach can help problems including:

Acute and chronic neuromusculoskeletal conditions and pain from head to toe, including injuries, accidents (sports, auto, work, and others) and overuse syndromes; neck, back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle and foot conditions.

Autoimmune disorders
Digestive system and related microbiome issues
Head injuries/concussions
Headaches, migraines
Jaw Pain/TMJ
Weight issues

Visceral, or internal, health issues caused or worsened by nervous system dysfunction -- which can include just about anything.

Distortion of our body's alignment affects our internal organs (or viscera), which can negatively affect how they perform -- slightly tc extremely. Chiropractic can help help correct or improve these -- as my experience has witnessed: acid reflux; hiatal hernia; indigestion; respiratory; constipation; infertility; hypertension; ear infections; vision, taste and hearing issues; concentration; cognitive issues; balance and coordination; and many other nervous system mediated conditions.

My experience has shown me that combining these therapies tends to result in improved clinical outcomes.