Dr. Jeffrey M. Cooke, DC, FIACA


I have 30 years experience in health care. I draw from Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese/Asian and other natural health care systems, integrating them with cutting edge science and technology in fields including neuromusculoskeletal therapy; photobiomodulation; microcurrent therapy; phytotherapy; homeopathic and nutritional therapy; and acupuncture and marma point therapy.

I offer: injury based (acute and chronic) and pain syndrome care health problems with structural, nervous/meridian system, nutritional, stress-related, and environmental toxicity components -- which includes just about anything one can name wellness or maintenance care, botanical and nutritional programs.

My background

I hold chiropractic licenses in Ohio (1986), New York (1988) and Arizona (1995). Arizona includes acupuncture and physiotherapy It's currently inactive. I expect Ohio chiropractic acupuncture licensure in 2022.

In 1981 I earned my Bachelor of Science degree at SUNY Albany, NY, then graduated the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, in 1985. I associated with the Beechwold Clinic, an alternative osteopathic clinic in Columbus, Ohio, from 1986-89. In 1987 I became a Fellow in the International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture. I've practiced in other chiropractic and osteopathic centers. I currently practice alone. Postgraduate training includes cranial adjusting, botanical medicine, nutrition, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, whiplash, spinal rehabilitation, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Meridian Stress Assessment, and more. My patients have spanned 2 hours to 95 years old, including multiple generations of families.

I've studied botanical/herbal therapy for over 40 years, Ayurveda over 30, and Traditional Chinese Medicine over 35. I believe most people age far too quickly and get too many illnesses due to lack of good preventive health care, poor diet, pollution, toxic chemicals, and emotional/mental/stress related issues. I advocate whole and organic foods, and tonic and rasayana plants whenever possible. Mounting research studies and clinical observation support this. Having personally used chiropractic for over 50 years, herbs and botanicals for over 45, and acupuncture/meridian therapy for 40 years, I agree totally. I practiced in Phoenix and Carefree, Arizona, from 1996-2003. My practice included acupuncture. I maintained a long distance practice in Columbus, Ohio, during this time.

Did you know that acupuncture originated in India at least 4500 years ago before traveling the Silk Road to China? Joint manipulation, the basis of chiropractic, is at least as old too. So is herbal therapy. That's around 200 generations of daily use for these therapies. Why they're considered 'alternative' is anyone's guess.


woman holds face while looking down and away
Meridian Stress Assessment
Frequency Specific Micro Current
This pain is getting worser by the hour
Back Pain Treatment
Painful neck ache after fender bender car crash
Neck Pain Treatment
Are these headaches a sign of something serious?
Headache Treatment
Healthy lifestyle diet food Man healthy food
Nutritional Counseling
Concerned driver with defocused traffic accident
Auto Injury Treatment
Sportsman feeling backache at a park
Sports Injury Treatment


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