Worthington, OH & Cornwall, NY Natural ADHD Treatment

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The National Institute of Mental Health indicates that ADHD--which is short for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder—is "one of the most common childhood disorders" as it afflicts almost one out of every ten children between the ages of 13 and 18. Adults aren't immune to this particular disorder either as over 4 percent of the population deals with this diagnosis daily, almost half of which are considered to be "severe" cases.

Many people are interested in natural, non-drug therapies for ADHD, and it's something that Cooke Chiropractic Center works with in our Worthington, OH & Cornwall, NY functional medicine practice.

Initially, the thought was to put children and adults both on medications meant to calm and subdue them. However, this often produces zombie-like feelings and slower response times which makes this remedy one that has lessened in popularity in recent years. Not to mention, it also doesn't address the root cause of ADHD, which means that it does nothing but reduce the symptoms.

On the other hand, did you know that food allergies and sensitivities have been linked to ADHD? This means that treating this condition may simply involve eliminating certain food dyes, sugars, or other ingredients from the diet.

Treat the source and you ultimately treat the symptoms. And that's exactly what functional medicine sets out to do. If you're ready for an alternative approach to ADHD, give Cooke Chiropractic Center a call at (845) 500-1410 today for an appointment.


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